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The Investiture of the Gods

date. 2021

city. New York

size. 56.5 cm x 42.5cm

Arches Watercolor 300g/m


【the investiture of the gods】is the cover illustration created for the literature  book < the investiture of the gods 3600 years> written by young writer / scholar teacher Tianfei Li .

Centering on such a Chinese fairy tale with a long history and a grand theme, it is suitable to draw with Chinese painting style , but it is not limited to the traditional single form of expression. 

Therefore, the work adopts the painting technique of combining line drawing with ink and wash dyeing, and Outlines the clouds with ink painting. Meanwhile , the iconic characters, scenery, artifacts and immortal animals ..etc . drawn in the form of "plain painting" with the opposite color of Yin and Yang . Besides black and white, the vermillion that has design feeling and gold cleverly union with the whole painting , present a kind of contemporary visual impulse that combines with tradition.


Symmetrical in the middle and rounded in the outside, the composition makes the picture solemn, but it is not a plane representation. Instead, abstract clouds of swirling smoke and water mist emerge from the stream of Xumui Mountain in the distant view and turn into clouds. The forms  of whirlpool makes as if the world and fairyland crisscross ,brings intense depth perception feeling .  As far as the eyesight reaches , it seems that we are about to travel through time and space and enter the distant and illusory world of myth.

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