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Sanguine Melody

date. 2021

city. chengdu

size. mural painting 500m x 500m

This richly detailed work, entitled "Sanguine Melody", is among artist Zhao Qing’s finest. It showcases beautiful layering and was completed using a monochromatic drawing technique. “Sanguine Melody” is the artist’s homage to Sichuan hotpot, one of the most representative forms of Chinese cuisine.



The picture’s bold and vibrant coloration mimics the piquant impact of hot pot on the taste buds, which is full of complexity and depth.

The hotpot fairy in the upper right corner of the painting is a radial and visually centering composition. The flaming red hair melds with flowing heat waves, and the well-known hotpot ingredients seem to be tumbling in the boiling red soup.



In addition to the ingredients, the various forms of elves attract the viewer’s eye. Can you guess who they are? Their names showcase the vivid and humorous Chengdu dialect! Bajiji (soft and cute), Suobianbian (lazy and sneaky), Paerduo (henpecked), and Jingjiaohuan(screaming).

We seem to follow these dialect elves in the painting together, roaming in the sweltering air of Chengdu!

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